LED wireless remote control turn signal


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The method and function of the remote control button
1. Switch
Linking: first press the turn signal switch, when the main light is on, press the remote control main light conversion function, the linking is successful
2. Main light function control
Single click: the main light is on, enter the constant light mode, click again, enter the slow flash mode, click again, enter the fast flash mode, click again: the main light is off
Left button: click, turn left to flash 5 times Right: click, right click to flash 5 times

Turn off for more than 30 minutes and need to re-pair to save power consumption.

Product name: remote control steering tail light
Lamp bead type: LED
Battery capacity: 500mah lithium battery,
Light color: red light, turn to yellow light
Charging time: 2 hours
Product color: black, red
Discharge time: 2.5 hours
Product size: 8.5*2.2*2.2cm
Voltage: 3.7V
Product weight: about 30g