Essential Oil Acne Patch


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  • ✨ The Blemish Buster: Tired of dealing with pimples and blemishes? Say Goodbye to Your ‘Zituation’ with CARELAND Hydrocolloid Acne Patches! Not only are our pimple stickers the quickest easiest way to get rid of pesky pimples, they also banish blemishes in style.
  • ✨ Skincare Superhero: Made with medical-grade hydrocolloid and boosted with a unique blend of calming calendula and soothing chamomile, as well as Ayurvedic herbs like Centella Asiatica and aloe, CARELAND acne dots are the ultimate beauty & personal care weapon!
  • ✨ A Thorough Caretaker: From keeping the affected area clean, hydrated, and protected from external irritants to absorbing pus and impurities, promoting healing, and preventing scarring, our pimple stickers are created to keep a zit company through its whole life’s journey till the end.
  • ✨ The Pimple Vanisher: What pimple? We don’t see any! Our acne patches come in a translucent, thin, and matte finish. So you can go out wearing them with confidence and no one will ever know. Three sizes (8mm, 10mm, 12mm) to choose the best fit for your unique dilemma.
  • ✨ Ergonomic Package: 3 resealable aluminum foil zipper bags in one 72 count pack – each sealed bag contains 24 zit stickers to protect from contamination and conveniently carry around. Toss them in your purse or and have them on hand whenever and wherever you need them