DIY Brow Lamination Eyebrow Kit 45-60 Days ICONSIGN Professional Beauty Makeup Tool Home Use

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ICONSIGN Eyebrow Lift Professional Brow Lamination Kit

Lamination  Eyebrows For 45-60 Days.Solve the troubles of messy eyebrows.

Convenience Use,DIY at home!



1. Brow Perm lotion: 1 bottle 5ml

2. Brow Fixation: 1 bottle 5ml

3. Brow Lift Glue:1 bottle 7ml

4. Brow Scissor: 1 Piece

5. Brow Razor: 1 Piece

6. Mascara Brushes: 5 Pieces

7. Micro Brushes: 10 Pieces

It can make your eyebrows more attractive!!!

★ 100% brand new and high quality.

★ Eyebrow perm is fast, efficient, hygienic and durable.

★ Convenience Use,you can make it by yourself at home!

★ Convenience Carry,Light Weight.


Very Wonderful Eyebrow Perm Kit:

★ Do It Yourself at Home

★ 1 Kit Include all Perming Tools. Safe No Harm to Skin.

★ After Perming,Good Funation on Brow Lift! After Perming,it can Keep Lifting for 45-60 days.

★ Suitable for Salon Conference,With this Perm Kit,You Can Share Your Experience with Others.Show to others How to Perm the Brow Lift!

★Promote it to Your Students or The Beginners,Good Teaching on Salon or Schools.A good way to enhance Your Awareness

Direction For Use:

1. Remove the oil, dust, and makeup residue on the eyebrows.

2. Apply Vaseline around eyebrows area for isolation,this can reduce the painful.

3. Apply a thin layer of glue on the eyebrows. Then straighten the eyebrows with brush, to set it in the desired shape, wait for 1 minute.

4. Apply the #1 perm on the eyebrows and then cover the eyebrows with a plastic crap. (Perming time: 5-8 minutes).

5. Remove the #1 perm with Y brush, then apply #2 fixation on the eyebrows and then cover the eyebrows with a plastic crap.( Fixing time: 5-8 minutes).

6. Clean off all residue with Y brush.

7. Apply Nourish oil to Nourish the Eyebrows.

Product Effect

Have a good effect on eyelashes.After perming,it can keep 45-60 days.