Pomsies Patches Plush Interactive Toys, White/Pink/Mint

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Pomsies are loveable, fashionable, interactive pom-pom pets you can take anywhere. Each Pomsie has soft, cuddly fur and a tail that wraps around your wrist, hair, clothing and more! Pomsies will tell you when they feel tired, cold or hungry and with adorable light up eyes, purring and cute sounds...only you can give them what they need!

  • Loveable wearable pom-pom pet, Patches the Cat 
  • Over 50 cute sounds  
  • Reacts to touch
  • Eyes light up to communicate how they feel
  • Pomsies react when you cuddle them. Try petting them on the back of their head, forehead or under their nose!
  • Grumble, grumble. Uh-oh, Pomsies are hungry!  Tap them on the mouth to feed them
  • Dance with them. The faster you dance and shake, the faster Pomsies sing their happy song!
  • Twist and lock tail - a great accessory for your backpack, wrist, hair and more!