On the one side and on the other -- An Intimacy and relationship rejuvenation game

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I have created these cards for you with all my heart. It is here to guide you and your partner on a journey as a couple. I hope that these cards allow the warmth, softness, and sense of connection via love to seep back into your relationship. Through growth and development the cards will help you discover the deep longing for love locked away inside your hearts, and intensify your feelings for one another. Imagine yourself laughing, talking, and touching each other softly..having fun again.. Re-inspire the passion and romance you deserve. Galit Elias "It's unbelievable..we came back to look at each other since we started.. he didn't look at me for long.. It is great to feel together again.." (Ruth N.)

  • On the one side and on the other developmental game for couples. The game is the beginning to your journey as a couple.
  • Try these cards once a week, for 9 weeks and you will discover a new dialogue between you and your partner. You will become closer, more connected, and will feel free when communicating with one another. Feel like the best friends you used to be
  • This game will take you on a 9 week journey
  • Rediscover the passion and romance you and your partner deserve and pave the way to building a relationship that's humming with excitement.