Cat & Jack "It's Cool To Be Kind" Kids Yellow T-shirt, Size XS

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Introducing the Cat & Jack "It's Cool To Be Kind" Kids Yellow T-shirt in Size XS. Crafted with comfort and positive vibes in mind, this t-shirt encourages kindness with a touch of playful charm. The cheerful yellow hue and cute, simple text graphic make it a delightful choice for everyday wear.

  • Casual Wear: Perfect for casual outings, playdates, or school days.
  • Sunny Design: A vibrant yellow t-shirt that radiates positivity.
  • Positive Messaging: Features the uplifting phrase "It's Cool To Be Kind" to inspire and spread positivity.
  • Everyday Comfort: Crafted with soft and breathable materials for all-day comfort during various activities.
  • Easy Styling: Simplistic design makes it effortless to pair with a variety of bottoms for styling.
  • Durable Construction: Designed to withstand the active lifestyle of kids, ensuring longevity and value.