ABC Rugs For Kids Infant Toddlers Nursery Rugs


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  • EXCELLENT COMFORT AND SAFE Our alphabet rug are made of 100% cotton,soft, that make children feel comfortable,it's great for kids reading and playing indoors, especially the wood floor room can effectively reduce the noise, toddlers crawl and walk.This will reduce collisions in the preschool and preschooler's relearning process and prevent injuries. When your kids are tired, they can sleep on it. The soft carpet can give your child a good quality of sleep.versatile children's classroom carpet.

  • EARLY INSPIRATIONAL EDUCATION : The carpet is not only fine, thick soft, but also has a unique design. It has a cute design with 26 letters. It has a good educational effect on the infants when playing. It can also learn letters to the alphabet. The recognition and deepen the impression to achieve the enlightenment effect. You can also teach him to identify each of these letters and increase parent-child interaction and add emotion during the education process. This is a very meaningful thing.

  • LOVELY ROUND SHAPE SUITABLE FOR ALL KINDS OF PLACES,AND EASY TO CARRY OUT Kids carpet playmat rug add cute little balls,and the round shape is very attractive to infants and toddlers.Big enough for your baby to play games, So We need to fold the package to make it easier to transport. When the item arrives at the address, there may be wrinkles, The cause of wrinkles is not a quality issue. He will recover after you open it for a while.

  • EASY TO CLEAN AND SAVE YOUR TIME You don't have to spend more time cleaning the carpet, wiping or vacuuming, you can easily remove dust from children's carpets. If you need to clean the carpet, just put it in the water. Add a mild detergent and hand wash. Then dry in a ventilated place or use the washing machine can be dewatered./Perfect baby birthday gift or Christmas gifts, even daily gift.Children's bedroom,preschool, clubs ,nursery, picnic, beach can be used. bathroom entrance, tea table.